Over 30 years of experience

foto-azienda-storiaCielle was founded in 1981 to start the production of disposable underarm dress shields, a product ideated and patented by Ms. Maria Lughignani at the end of the ’70s.

After founding the company with her husband Paolo Cavalli, they started the difficult research to find appropriate materials and create prototypes of production machinery to produce something definitely new and innovative: at that time, the market for hygienic absorbent pads was young and in fast growth, but the only available underarm dress shields were fabric protections that had to be sewn to the clothes, which was very inconvenient.

Despite their limited resources, they eventually succeeded in creating their product, putting it on the market with the SAVE DRESS brand.

foto-azienda-storica2Soon after, their children joined the company activity, and the business started to cooperate with clients that distributed their creation in pharmacies and haberdasheries. Later on, their dress shields started appearing in the large-scale retail trade through a prominent company in the industry.

In order to bring more technological advances, research and development still continues today, after the company has been passed from one generation to the next: their daughter Grazia Cavalli aquired the firm in 1999 and now continues its business with her husband Renato Invernici.