The Save Dress shields

assorbenti1Cielle produces handy and comfortable disposable Save Dress shields, designed to protect clothes from armpit sweating.

Our underarm sweat pads are very easy to apply, they are invisible under the garments and are suitable for both women and men.

They prevent the formation of unaesthetic sweat stains on fabrics, resulting in less washing and slower wear and tear of clothes.

Moreover, with the Odour Control antibacterial treatment, they help reducing the formation of unpleasant odours.

They’re composed of several layers of materials coupled to each other without using any chemicals. Exclusively made with soft non-woven cloth, comfortable wadding and natural, hypo-allergenic fibres, they feature a water-resistant, non-toxic film and adhesives on the back side to secure them on the clothes. On demand, they’re also available with superabsorbent.

They’re available in various shapes and sizes, three colours (white, black and skin) and they can be personalised.


As we get direct supplies of exclusive raw materials of guaranteed excellent quality and completely Made in Italy, we can offer the finished product, even personalised and already packaged for distribution, with either our own brand Dry Day or with the client’s brand.