Our Company

Grazia Cavalli’s Cielle [‘tʃiɛlle] is a family business founded in 1981 and leader in the production of disposable underarm dress shields, with over 30 years of experience.

foto-azienda4Our company manufactures for the biggest firms in the industry and the most famous brands in Italy, and our products are available through every distribution channel: supermarkets, haberdasheries, pharmacies and healthcare products shops, catalogues and web marketing.

Despite being a small firm, Cielle has a great productive capacity, and can fully satisfy the demand in both the Italian market and some foreign countries.

foto-azienda2The strengths of the company are experience, quality, close attention to the client’s needs, care and reliablity.

By increasing our exposure to the foreign markets, we want to give to more customers the opportunity to offer a guaranteed product that can increase the value for their business.